12 Times Celebrities Got Their Photos Photoshopped To Look Less Muscular -

12 Times Celebrities Got Their Photos Photoshopped To Look Less Muscular

Celebrities want to look the best they can – all the time – and Photoshop often comes to their aid in this regard most of the times. Whether it’s removing the cellulite from the body or getting a slimmer tummy and blemish-free, shining skin, celebs have often been called out for using Photoshop to make their pictures transform them from supermodels to straight away superhumans!

However, a strange phenomenon has been taking place for the last few years or so. Celebs are now opting for airbrushing to make their bodies look bigger and less muscular in the pictures! Editors of some of the leading magazines have admitted in private that since models do end up looking underweight most of the time because of the industry demands, the editors don’t shy away from using Photoshop to make their bodies look “fuller” and “healthier”.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of celebs who’ve got their images airbrushed to look less muscular than they really are. Let’s check out the list now.


Kamila Wladyka

When Kamila Wladyka posed for the Healthy magazine, we bet even she wasn’t expecting to end up looking so different on the magazine cover. She was made to look at least 30 pounds “healthier” than she actually is. When the editor of the magazine, Druker, was asked about it, she defended her decision by saying that since Kamilla showed up on the day of photoshoot looking “unwell and thin”, they had to airbrush the photos.

Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss, the supermodel had a rib removal surgery – or at least that’s what we can infer from this photo of hers. If being thin is really in vogue, why did the editors remove her bone structure from the photo?

Jenna Sauers, a model, and blogger has a good explanation of why this happens in the fashion industry. According to her, audiences (and she blames the industry for that) have become very used to seeing really thin, apparently boneless girls in the magazines, which drives the editors to use Photoshop to get the desired photos.

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