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10 Fruits and Vegetables For Healthy Brighten Teeth

3. Bananas

Packed with vitamins, minerals and potassium bananas, they have positive health benefits. The fruit does not stick to the teeth, and the inner part of the banana skin helps to whiten the teeth. Whitening teeth with banana peel is very safe and healthy for the teeth, as banana peels are an excellent place to get vitamins and minerals.

They don’t consist of the abrasiveness that other natural whiteners do and are exceptionally inexpensive. Take a piece of the banana peel and rub it gently on your teeth for about 2 minutes. The unusual minerals in the skin like potassium, magnesium and manganese absorb into your teeth and whiten them.

4. Watermelon

Did you know that watermelon can help strengthen and slightly clean your teeth and gums – It’s possible because of the all the vitamin C present in the fruit.

The watermelon is rich in vitamin C, which is very beneficial for teeth and gums. It consists of antioxidant properties that help prevent cell damage and ensure healthy gums. It’s known that an adequate intake of fruits and vegetables promotes immunity and lowers gum infections.

5. Oranges

Consume oranges for the calcium and vitamin C they contain. Drinking a glass of orange juice every day would assist the calcium in your diet and help build stronger teeth.

Oranges are the perfect choice for healthy gums and teeth. The citric acid contained in salmon can help control the acid content in the mouth, primarily as it promotes salivation, the body’s mouthwash. The white inner part of an orange peel, called albedo, contains several compounds including vitamin C, limonene, glucaric, pectin and soluble fibre. The orange needs to be peeled and rub the albedo over your teeth.

Rinse your mouth with water or brush your teeth. Repeat as desired with a fresh piece of orange peel.

6. Pineapple

Pineapple can help whiten teeth. The high amount of vitamin C in pineapple prevents the formation of plaque and gum disease. By eating pineapple, you strengthen your gums to make it through the hard years later. Your gums are essential to staying healthy.

The gums keep the teeth in place, and your teeth would be in bad condition if you have unhealthy gums. Research shows that the enzyme bromelain in pineapple acts as a natural stain remover. Bromelain also helps dissolve plaque, the sticky film of bacteria that accumulates on teeth and gums.

The bacteria in plaque produce acids which can erode the enamel of your teeth and lead to tooth decay.

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